Biography – Patrick R. Nixon, AOE, CM

Executive Director, Oxford House

pat nixonPatrick Nixon is a leader in delivering compassionate and effective programs for the poor and homeless. His innovative work at Calgary’s Mustard Seed Street Ministry and The National StreetLevel Network has transformed lives and encouraged thousands within Alberta and across Canada to join Pat in building stronger and more engaged communities.

Pat Nixon was born in Vancouver raised in an alcoholic home. Pat was kicked out of the house at the age of 12, functionally illiterate and utterly alone. He drifted around British Columbia, reaching lows that almost led him to end his life. Eventually, the police put him on a bus headed east. Pat arrived in Calgary at 15 and began panhandling to stay alive. At 16, Pat was in provincial adult prison until just after his 18th birthday.  After his release, the church community gave him another chance, one that began a dramatic change in his life.

In 1984, Pat founded The Mustard Seed Street Ministry in Calgary, an organization that would eventually care for 1100 people who experience poverty and homelessness daily. His most fulfilling accomplishment was the mobilization of an 11,000 strong volunteer group who cared for the needs of the people annually.

Pat also served as the National Director of THE StreetLevel Network to share best practices with, and unite poverty workers and those interested in the care of the marginalized across Canada.

In recognition of his strong leadership all across Canada, Pat would receive The Citizen of the Year award in 2001, The Order of Canada in 2005, The Alberta Order of Excellence in 2007 and In October 2008, Pat was declared one of “Alberta’s top ten Citizens”.

In April 2015, Pat accepted the position of Executive Director at Oxford House Foundation, whose mission is to provide safe and affordable housing for individuals in recovery from addictions.

Pat never forgets where he came from and how his life was shaped by people who reached out and stood by him as he struggled for a better life. He is committed to providing the best opportunities for men and women in recovery to live clean and sober lives.