Oxford House FAQs

Q What is the criteria to get into an Oxford House home?

A A potential resident must have at least 14 days sobriety and have completed a treatment program in the last year. He or she must also be willing to gain and keep a job or go to school.


Q What is the process to get into an Oxford House home?

A Go to oxfordhouse.ca to fill out an application and information release form and submit it. You will be called in for an interview with an Oxford House Support Worker. Depending on vacancy and fit, you will be scheduled for a second interview with the residents of the home for which you have been recommended.


Q How long is the waiting list?

A Typically, there is no waiting list. Most times, residents are called after submitting their application, interviewed, and move into their new home within a day or two.


Q What happens when a resident relapses?

A A relapse results in immediate eviction by the person’s housemates or staff. Oxford House does not evict into homelessness and will work with the individual to get them into detox and treatment if they are willing.


Q How can it only cost a donor $6.91 per day to help a man or woman in recovery live in an Oxford home?

A Residents pay a modest rent that covers 80% of the cost of housing them. The remaining 20% works out to $6.91 per day and approximately $2,500 per year, per resident.


Q Is Oxford House a treatment program?

A Oxford House is a recovery program that helps people who have completed treatment continue working on their recovery and reintegrate back into society while living in sober homes located in safe neighbourhoods.


Q Where do your clients come from?

A People who stay in Oxford House homes come from all over Alberta, and some have even come from BC and eastern provinces. Seventy per cent come directly from treatment centres.


Q Do you have to have a job to live in an Oxford House home

A Oxford House hopes the very best for each resident and that means that each person attains his or her highest level of independence. For some this means gaining and retaining employment, for others it means going back to school and for others it means volunteering or giving back to the community in other ways.


Q What percentage of your funding comes from the government

A Oxford House receives 6.43 % from the province.


Q How long can someone live in an Oxford House home.

A There is no end date. A resident can stay as long as they like as long as they continue to abide by the Oxford House program and meet their financial and household responsibilities.


Q How can I help Oxford House?

A Oxford House gratefully accepts financial and GIK donations. For more information, visit us at http://oxfordhouse.ca/donate/creative-ideas-for-giving/


Q Where are your Oxford homes located?

A Calgary and Edmonton. We do not make specific addresses public knowledge in order to protect the anonymity of our clients. As far as neighbours to our homes know, Oxford homes are just a house that has a few men or women living in it who seem to go to work each day as well as, maintain their property and are generally good neighbours.