For ten plus years, men and women in recovery from addiction and living in Oxford House homes have benefitted from AHS’ support of 23 beds in five of its homes.

During the last fiscal year alone, AHS provided funding for 63 individuals. Of these 63, thirty-three people moved out sober and another 17 stayed in residence.

As encouraging as these stats are, it is the individual stories that really hit home.

Take Kathleen for example. At one time, she had it all – a home, a husband, a great job, albeit a stressful one. And like anyone of us, the stress began to take a toll. In Kathleen’s case, it took the shape of more and more substance abuse until that fateful day she was found unresponsive and rushed to the hospital.

These unfortunate events led to Kathleen entering detox, treatment and then an Oxford House home. “The entire process was seamless,” she says, “with door-to-door service from treatment to Oxford House. I was lucky.”

Today, Kathleen has a sponsor, continues to meet with a counselor and attends regular 12-step meetings. She’s employed in a new career, that she loves and has moved into a new home of her own.

Kathleen’s story is only one of many stories of Oxford House residents who go on to live clean, sober and productive lives, due, in no small part, to the funding we’ve received from Alberta Health Services over the years.

We were thrilled to thank Beverley and Manny at Oxford House recently with a plaque, that proudly hangs in our office, recognizing their support.

Featured in above photo: Earl Thiessen – Program Manager at Oxford House, Manny Abellera – Contract Services Coordinator, AHS – Addiction and Mental Health, Beverley Thompson, Director – Southern Alberta Forensic and Addictions Services and Patrick Nixon, Executive Director, Oxford house.





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