How Oxford House Works

When men and women in recovery come to Oxford House, they have already taken some important steps on their road to recovery. They know it’s not going to be easy. They’re ready to work hard. They know they’ll get out what they put in. And when they take the next step to live in an Oxford Home, they know we’ll support them.


Because we’ve been there and know how important this step is. Recovery without relapse is possible in an Oxford home. Each home forms its own family and is situated in a suburban neighbourhood away from danger areas.

The peer support of other residents in the house who have experienced many of the same difficulties is a benefit to our residents. They find understanding and hope while learning how to live with life’s challenges.

Oxford residents take their lives back by:

  • Taking responsibility for their sobriety.
  • Managing their share of household chores and expenses.
  • Finding and maintaining a job, going to school, or volunteering.

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What Residents Say

Leaving a 3-month treatment facility and a 25 year marriage to maintain my sobriety, I have never felt so alone and scared in my adult life. Oxford House provided me with the safety and support and encouragement I never thought possible. Oxford House gave me the stability and courage to be where I am today. Happy. Healthy. Independent and grateful!

I would recommend Oxford to anyone who wishes to continue on a path of sobriety. As for the 10 months I was there I felt accountable and responsible and continue that as I start my journey in my own house and grow in sobriety. Thank you.

I am thankful that Oxford House was an integral part of my recovery. I know that without it my road to recovery would have been much tougher. I love this program and thanks for everything.

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