Oxford House is looking for Team Captains to join our ride on September 30th!

Last year we raised over $13,000 for Oxford House in the Ride for Refuge Campaign. But we didn’t do it alone, we did it with help from good folks like you!

I’ve signed up as a Team Captain again this year because I want to help Oxford House residents take their lives back by maintaining their sobriety and becoming self-sufficient.

Would you like to strap on a helmet and be a Team Captain for Oxford House?

Team Captains play a vital role in the RIDE. Whether you are already signed up or considering taking the plunge, here are some tips and tools to help you in your role.

At-a-glance Duties

  • Register online here, create and name your team.
  • Recruit other team members with a goal of getting 7-8 or more riders or walkers to register, fundraise and participate with you. Note: there are no minimum team sizes but, you know – what’s a team if not more than one, right?
  • Raise money yourself and make it clear to your team members that you expect them to raise money too.
  • Rally your team throughout the campaign to keep recruiting and fundraising, and keep them together and organized – especially on event day.
  • Remember to (a) have fun (b) don’t take yourself too seriously, but (c) lead intentionally, (d) be their biggest cheer leader, and (e) follow-up after the event with thank you’s and getting all the pledges you raised collected.

We hope you’ll join up as a team captain and help us raise enough to support 10 or more residents for an entire year!

Thank you for considering our request to become a Team Captain. Click on the link below to register and/or contact me at dianaschwenk@oxfordhouse.ca  or (403) 214-2046 if you have any questions about the ride or being a team captain.


Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon!


Diana Schwenk, Development Coordinator and Event Lead

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